Zig Zag Fibers In the Iris


Zig Zag Fibers in the iris!


These are the lightening bolt shaped white fibers that go from the pupil to the outer ring of the iris.


This marking creates irritability and frustration! This person gets a little “cranky” and fiesty when these lines are present.


It’s like that energy within them is buzzing their insides!


Amazingly, all they need to do is SHAKE IT OFF to straighten out the fibers! Exercise to help them release this tension is pivotal!


Shaking it off can include walking, hiking, dancing, swimming, rebounding, etc. to get their nervous system back in order.


When this marking is present, it means that this person needs exercise frequently and “should” use it as preventive medicine.


This person can also utilize meditation in the same way! Harnessing the power of the mind to relax it all.


I have these markings and if I don’t move my body enough or meditate enough, I get cranky!  #guilty!


The amazing thing about iridology is learning about our potential vulnerabilities and harnessing them to support our complete wellbeing!


Do you or someone you know have this marking?


Stay tuned for more anonymous Iridology analyses! Sending all of my hugs and love!

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