”Worry Rings” in the Iris


This person has an extreme case of hoarding. And you can see that stressful, “holding and contracting” energy in the dark line that curves around the edge of both irises.


This marking is called a Contraction Furrow or Worry Ring.


It indicates deep stress that is affecting the muscles and tissues, contracting them and tightening them. They get deeper when the stress is elevated and then lessen and lightened when the stress is relieved.


Sometimes people have many curved lines like this that make their eye look like the rings of a tree trunk. The quantity and depth can vary greatly and this person was very unique in that they only had one, very deep and partial ring in each iris.


For people with Worry Rings, it is important for them to practice calming yin-style yoga, with long held stretches to help literally unwind and relax the tension, the muscles and the correlated stress. This will help to open and soothe both the affected areas (indicated by the location of the line) and also the mind.


They can stay at home or go to a class to practice. Candles, dim lighting and gentle music can be very helpful.


Happy Friday, friends. I hope you enjoy this iris analysis and that it benefits you and the world, as well as mama earth, in some way.

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