The Colon In the Iris

An iris analysis a day!

All people have this circle around the pupil, it represents the colon and the DENSE nervous system that makes up the colon.


Science has now proven that the colon (aka large intestine) actually has more neurons in it than the brain! Did you know that?? We really are and feel what we eat!

Ideally, that circle is visible but not swollen looking. Ideally it is also a circle with an even, circular shape.


This person has a VERY raised and thick ring (called the ANW – Autonomic Nerve Wreath) which indicates inflammation in the colon (large intestine).


The intense yellow color also indicates hyper-acidity. This person’s colon is holding onto acidity.


This marking causes and is caused by stress. See those Worry Rings? (You learned about them the other day in one of my posts). This person shows many signs of stress and inflammation in their body. It’s partly because of what they’re  eating (and not eating) and how they’re  living her life.


With bowel cleansing, a more alkaline diet, MEDITATION and more consciousness around calming the body and mind using yin-style practices, these colors will lighten and fade and the ring (ANW) will settle down and become much less thick.


Have you gathered yet that the way to heal everything is with more meditation and more greens, sunshine and water?


I pray that this analysis benefits all beings! Stay tuned for more! Hugs from Amritā Ma (Hayley).

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