“Just being in the same room with Hayley, makes me feel healthier.” ~ Surdas Sings – Rahaysa

“Hayley is a health angel.” ~ Matt M. Lafayette, CO

“Ladies… I highly recommend working with Hayley Porter.  She holds amazingly safe, beautiful space to learn and discover our true potency as women. I am SO grateful for the time I got to spend with her learning.” ~ Melaine L. Fort Collins, CO

“Receiving is a very difficult concept for us to grasp at times, especially for people who are patterned to give all the time.  We must give ourselves the space to receive the love that we deserve.  Upon receiving a much needed massage from Hayley my Heart Center, primarily the back of the chakra, was opened intensely so that I could love myself and others more efficiently.  Thank you so much sweet sister for your expanding love and healing field. I love you!!!” ~ Daniel Donovan, Be Free Healing, Fort Collins, CO

“Wanted to share my gratitude for you. More and more often my food choices have been made with you in mind…. fast healthy food can be made easy for mamas on the go! Thanks for always sharing” ~ Michelle T. Fort Collins, CO

“Hayley created a safe and sacred space that allowed me to feel comfortable being vulnerable and open to explore the sacred feminine gland. This space within me, needed this feeling of security as I am discovering the emotional well that is my prostate gland.  We need to feel comfortable in letting whatever comes up for us be expressed in a safe and supported space.  I see this as our work; to discover the beautiful release that we are capable of and that connects us so deeply to the emotions that we need to constantly be releasing. I feel this work is giving us a golden key to unlocking one of the most intimate connections we can have with ourselves and with the divine masculine. Thank you Hayley.” ~ Gange B. Boulder, CO

“I’ve been fortunate enough to travel to many spas around the world and receive a wide variety of treatments; and while I am also a member of one of Denver’s most elite Health Clubs and spas, once I discovered the magic of Hayley Porter I knew I could find no equal.  Hayley not only is a master of the right touch and pressure, but her knowledge of every muscle is clearly demonstrated with each session.  Though it might not be uncommon to find a massage therapist that can supply a rewarding physical experience, it is more difficult to find one that has such a caring and giving personality as Hayley in the same person.  I can unequivocally state that once you’ve worked with Hayley, you will never go elsewhere.” ~ Chris M. Denver, CO


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