How to take your iris photos

You may find yourself wondering how I take these iris photos and how you can take your own so that you can get an online analysis with me!


For your photos, you’ll need a friend to help you. Trust me on that!


You need a phone camera, a flashlight and a blanket. You will put the blanket over you and your friends heads to create a little dark room and cancel out any other lighting.


They will use the flashlight to illuminate your iris from the side of your head, at an angle.


Depending on your quality of camera, they will need to hold the camera close to your eye OR farther away. THE GOAL IS FOR THE IRIS TO BE CLEAR. The clarity of the skin is not important, only that of the eye.


I also have little demonstrative video on my YouTube channel!


Once you have at least one photo of each eye, message them to me via email or messenger, along with your payment and I can begin your analysis! In another post I’ll explain the two types of analyses that I offer (information is also available on my website).


When you see epic photos of the eyes like the one in this post, I’ve used my 14x macro lens from Olloclip ! It’s an AMAZING phone attachment clip-on lens. Super easy to use and they are made for every style and model of phone. They also include a wide angle, fishbowl and other aspects and the cost is under $99. Pretty fantastic and worth the investment if you like taking beautiful photos!


Dead bugs and other fun things also look pretty incredible with this lens attachment.


This post was not sponsored by Olloclip but they do want me to make a “how-to” video specifically for their macro lens and Iridologists! I need to get on that. #momlife


I pray this post helps you all out there to get some good iris photos! Send them on over when you do!


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