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Pure Health School of Natural Medicine

I am studying at the School of Natural Medicine to become a Natural Physician.

Farida Sharan, ND MH MIr FGNI FBRI MDMA, founded the school in 1977 and it now thrives in Boulder, Colorado and England and online worldwide!  Please, from the depths of my being, connect with Farida and this school if you feel the call.  Farida is a powerful woman that has such immense wisdom, experience and presence to share for those that are ready!

Farida Sharan Iridology Naturopathy Natural Medicine School


Bonny Casel, Heidi Jarvis and Brigitte Mars are also teachers at this school, sharing their wisdom.  I too, teach the new Reflexology Courses and Nutrition Courses!

At this school, deep self-healing is taught and the student learns Natural Medicine through embodied experience, first.

Hayley Porter Scool of Natural Medicine

Iridology, Naturopathy, Healing Diets, Herbal Medicine, Reflexology, Quantum Botanicals, Essential Oils and Flower Essences certifications and diplomas are offered through the accredited Occupational School.

Hayley Porter Scool of Natural Medicine

Each student has the ability to choose how deeply they go into the school and which certification or diploma they wish to receive.


Classes are offered in Boulder and in England, as well as online.

Please, read over the website and get in contact with the school to find out when I am teaching next!


Here is a link to the school blog::

Books and DVD’s can be purchased at the School of Natural Medicine and websites worldwide.

Farida Sharan Iridology



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