Red Tent

Ancient Red Tent Moon Lodge Hayley Porter

In ancient times, most all cultures had a Moon Lodge, Red Tent or Women’s Lodge.

Red Tents were and are a place for women to nourish themselves and share their magic.  A place for women to share stories and wisdom.  Red Tents contain an ancient support of sisterhood and this connection can be felt through the dimensions.

The phrase “red tent” came when the women bled into their cloths, washed them and hung them up to dry.

Women would come to bleed, to give birth and to deepen their connection with themselves, their sisters and the ancient mother.

My role in this lifetime, is to bring these red tents back into our culture.  

I host red tents for small communities and also for larger community festivals as a temple for women.  Often there are workshops held for WOMBen here.  The temples are also a space for women to bleed, to be nourished and relax in silence or in communion with their siSTARs.

This is a part of my daily practice.  To commune with these ancient teachings and to continue to strengthen the rainbow bridge of sisterhood for the benefit of all.  A healed humanity comes from a healed womb.

Here are photographs from Red Tents that I have facilitated in Colorado, New Mexico and Wyoming, thus far.  I love this community and our amazing festival culture.  Sister Winds, Shamanic Boom, Tribal Vision and Arise!

Ancient Red Tent Hayley Porter

Red Tent Tradition Hayley Porter

Red Tent Hayley Porter 2

Red Tent Hayley Porter Womens Lodge

Red Tent Moon Lodge


Arise Music Festival Red Tent Womens Lodge


Red Tent Moon Lodge