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Female Ejaculation Podcast Hayley Porter
((A podcast by O’Actually, recorded in 2016! Click to listen))


Did you know that ALL women have the ability to ejaculate?  

YES! This is because all women have the anatomy to do so.  All women have a prostate gland!  Yes, just like men do!  In women, this gland is also called the Skene’s Gland and the infamous “G-Spot”.

Many cultures revere this holy and divine water and know that it is a sacred gift from the gods. Truly and deeply.

It is my passion to educate women (and men) on the ancient history of female ejaculation, the anatomy and physiology and the immaculately GLORIOUS emotional and spiritual healing connection to this part of the body.

5 years ago, I began studying the Sacred Feminine Fountain, the female prostate gland and female ejaculation with the world renowned, pioneer, Deborah Sundhal.

I have been studying compassion my entire life. In high school, I had the honor of co-creating with Jane Goodall, the Arch Bishop Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama. And after that, I went to Massage Therapy School, where I learned about the human body and more specifically, the pelvic floor muscles. Following that, I began my studies to become a Natural Physician. I am also a certified Yoga Teacher.

I offer a 90 minute sacred meditation and workshops for individual women, groups of sisters, men and women, as well as couples.
Through Iridology, I can also assess the current state of her womb and reproductive organs and I can assist with herbs, foods and treatments if needed.

Private sessions:  $100


“This workshop profoundly changed my perception of the sacred womb. It was humbling to be open and honest about sexuality in a safe space with amazing women. I cultivated a new knowledge of the healing powers located within myself. All women deserve this knowledge of their sacred fountain.”

“Although I was aware of the physical aspects of a woman’s prostate and our feminine capabilities. I was shocked to realize how interconnected our emotions are and the places they dwell within us. It was certainly an intimate experience that left me wanting to explore more deeply how our emotions are stored and why. How to heal that and how to learn from that. What is my body saying to me…more love is needed.”

“Hayley created a safe and sacred space that allowed me to feel comfortable being vulnerable and open to explore the sacred feminine gland. This space needed this feeling of security since we are discovering the emotional well that is our sacred female prostate and we need to feel comfortable in letting whatever comes up for us be expressed in a safe and supported space. I see this is our work, to discover the beautiful release we are capable of that connects so deeply to the well of emotions we need to constantly be releasing. I feel this work is giving us a golden key to unlocking one of the most intimate connections we can have with ourselves and with the divine. Thank you Hayley.

Female Ejaculation Hayley Porter

Female Ejaculation and G spot Sundahl
My teacher’s book. I highly recommend reading. Click to order.


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