Blood Magic

“When women return their blood to the Earth, men will return home from war.”

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Menstrual blood is life.

It is my duty to hold space for a woman to remember the magic of her blood.

It is a creative channel within us.  

We offer it back to the Earth in ritual.  We water our gardens with it.  We create art with it.

All too often, women come to me with pain during their menstruation.  This a sign of imbalance within her body or spirit. (Most times gluten and dairy are the simple culprits.)

There are many tools to address discomfort to allow for a true ‘letting go’ during our cycle.  I am honored to hold space, listen and educate in this way.

I also guide WOMBen on how to get their cycle back.  I have a 100% success rate.  I also offer guidance on fertility and natural birth control.

Our blood is a ceremony.  Let us hold space for it to be just that.

 Nurture yourself and nurture your sisters during blood time.

Blood Bread and Roses - How Menstruation Created the World



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