Transformation & Rebirth of Mind, Body & Spirit


Shedding the layers of all that no longer serves


Rebirthing ourselves anew through accountability, consistency & commUNITY


Initiation into Self Empowerment through Self-Healing


Transforming into our highest potential (our SuperHero selves), who WE are here to BEcome


Remembering the Truth of who WE are



~Customize Your Experience~

Package Options

*Choose 10 or 40 Day Cleansing Package

  1. 10 Day Transformation Cleanse ~  $199 with gift card!

           Includes ~

  • 10 days worth of Superfood Nutrition products
  • Private Facebook Group with guidance & advice from Naturopathic Physician & Iridologist Hayley Porter & Holistic Love & Empowerment Coach Damiana Rahshelle
  1. 40 Day Transformation Cleanse ~ $299 with gift card plus Free shipping!
  • 40 days worth of Superfood Nutrition products
  • Private Facebook Group with guidance from Hayley & Damiana


*Group & Private Coaching Packages ~ BE LOVE-ingly guided through your cleanse with added Support, Customization & Accountability  

  1. Your choice of 10 or 40 Day cleanse plus private Facebook group support
  2. Weekly Group Masterminds & Online Support ~ Only $222 for full 40 Days!
  3. Private Coaching Sessions at special rate of only $111 per session with Hayley & Damiana.  We recommend 3 per program – beginning, middle & end. Your choice of with whom you want to work with (or both of us!) & how often throughout the program!




*Tiers of Health!*

  1. A La Carte  ~  You choose your number of sessions and with whom – $111 per session
  2. 2 & 2  ~  2 Sessions with Hayley & 2 with Damiana ~ $444 for all 4 Sessions!
  3. 3 sessions with one facilitator ~ $333   *PLUS you’ll receive an added BONUS half hour session as a GIFT for your Investment in yourself!
  4. 3 & 3  ~ 3 sessions with both facilitators!

            *With this Investment in your health, you will receive Google documents as ADDED BONUSES with information on Self-Healing treatments, recipes, herbal medicine guidance and more PLUS your complimentary half hour sessions with us at any time! ~ $666


If you’re interested in joining us for any of these programs send an email to the address below to schedule your Free Discovery Call!

In this call we will discuss where you are now, where you want to go & which program will best suit your needs.




Cleansing is SO MUCH MORE FUN when you have friends, roommates, family & partners to join you & help support each others JOYurneys along the way!!!

Forward this email to whomever you’d like to experience this with, have them include your name as the referral & you’ll receive 10% off of your support package!!




~ Facilitator Bios & Offerings ~


Hayley Porter is a Naturopathic Physician whose focus has been learning the human body and assisting it to thrive with health and vibrancy since graduating high school! Her passion has come from her own healing journey, transforming her body COMPLETELY, using food as medicine, herbs and naturopathic self-care and detox treatments.

After 7 years of study she is now a Master Iridologist. Using iridology (included in your session!), the irises of the eyes are analyzed to gain insight on the current health of the individual on ALL levels. A map of the iris charts out all body systems using the complex reflex and nervous system of the body! Did you know that the irises are the only original brain tissue visible from the outside world!

She also studied Healing Diets Nutrition, Natural Cancer Therapies, is a Master Herbalist, and an Essential Oils and Flower Essences Practitioner along with having her certifications in Massage Therapy and Yoga!

She LIGHTS up talking about health, nutrition and all things related to the colon! She is a true health nerd and lover of guiding people in many ways on their paths of Self Healing!

She is from Colorado and currently lives in Costa Rica where she cuddles her little 9 month old baby most hours of the day!
Www.UnderstandThyself.com      @amrita_hayley_fullyraw      @iridology.with.hayley



Damiana Rahshelle is a Love Coach, also known as a “Love Guru” &

Intuitive Holistic Healer.

She specializes in Self Love, Relationship & Empowerment Coaching & guides people to experience & integrate True Love, Pleasure & Purpose into their daily lives & every NOW moment.

She is a Ritual Prayerformance HeArtist & Sound Healer with a focus on Wombyn’s EmpowHerment & awakening the Divine Feminine within our Masculine world.


Her mission is to INbody unconditional LOVE & reconnect HuemanKind to their heart, intuition & sensual energy through reawakening the senses & their inherent Magik.

She is here to empowHer & give tools to those who are ready to optimize their life & INbody their most authentic self;  anchoring *Heaven on Earth.*


She shares her offerings through One-on-One & Group Coaching, her 90 day True Love Program, immersive experiences, Transformational Speaking & giving her Musical Medicine to the World.


Www.Queendom-Academy.com      @Damiana_Rashelle      @TheQueendomAcademy