Original Pablo Amaringo Painting Yacumama


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We have 2 beautiful, meaningful pieces available from my partner who painted and studied with Pablo Amaringo in 2004.

This Shipibo visions, Yacumama painting is in a beautiful frame, measuring 25.5 in x 31 in. The dimensions of the painting itself are 20 in x 25 in.

With so much love ~

“In 2004 I traveled to a small Peruvian city nestled in the Amazon Rainforest to explore the spiritual and healing traditions of the indigenous cultures of the area. During my journey I learned of a retreat center that was owned and operated by an artist named Pablo Amaringo. A friend of mine arranged for me to meet Pablo and to find out more about his retreat.
It was early afternoon when I arrived, and a typical hot and muggy Amazonian day. My friend and I were welcomed by a couple of younger kids who I later learned were painting students of Pablo. As we waited in the living area of a small and humble wooden house, I noticed on the walls surrounding me some of the most unique and extraordinary artwork. They were a serious of paintings exploding with bright colors and depicting Amazon landscapes. Within the natural scenery were images of nature spirits, fantastical animals, and indigenous shamans using visionary plants. I knew a little bit about the mystical reality reflected in the paintings, and it was the visionary plants of the Amazon that had inspired and motivated my journey to Peru. A few minutes later Pablo appeared, a small and humble little man, and once we were introduced, he began to tell me stories of his time as a vegetalista (shaman), and his travels deep into the jungles of the Amazon. For many years he had worked as a healer, specifically with a plant medicine called Ayahuasca. He told me of his travels, and how he eventually had to leave the healing path because he was severely attacked by shamans who walk the dark path and who use the knowledge of the plants to accumulate power to cause illness, rather than healing. They use powers for revenge, control over others, and for many other self serving purposes. Pablo expressed that his life felt in danger and thus he decided to find another occupation. Being an artist, he decided to start painting his many years of visions that had been given to him during Ayahuasca sessions. Eventually he was discovered by an anthropologist who helped him create a book of his artwork which resulted in his emergence as the first folk artist depicting the mythical reality and cosmology of the Amazon. As we sat in his living room, I began to realize that this was a very special and unique man. I asked him about the dieta that I was going to do at his retreat center with a Campa shaman who was an old friend of his. He explained that doing a traditional plant diet was the only true way to gain access to the knowledge and healing powers of the plants. He described a time in his early days as a healer when he had problems with his heart, and completely healed it with a two week diet in the jungle. I was excited and inspired by his tales to do my first dieta, and we wrapped up the conversation and made the drive out into the rainforest to his retreat center. To make a long story short, my two weeks there was one of the most powerful and transformative events of my life. In my fist session with the Campa man Don Fidel, I remember the jungle coming alive with electrical energy as the plant medicine began to take affect and he started singing sacred Icarros. The trees in particular were radiating light and seemed to have an intelligence and consciousness beyond my comprehension. I felt so lucky that I had the good fortune to be the only person there, and have private ceremonies. When my dieta was complete, I returned to Pablo’s house and needless to say, his paintings had taken on a completely new meaning for me. We did a painting lesson and his eyes gleamed as we painted our own individual and collective visions. Before I left I decided to buy two of his larger paintings, both of which you see for sale here. One painting features the mythical electric eel called Yakumama who is being tamed by the songs of two powerful Inca shamans. The other features two celestial healers from other galaxies along with a plethora of nature spirits. These works are quite special and valuable now that Pablo has left the body, and because of his legacy as the first folk painter of Ayahuasca visions…”



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