Organic CBD Herbal Pain Relief Salve



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Organic CBD Herbal Pain Relief Salve



This is the real deal for pain relief.

Made with all organic ingredients and local ingredients when available:

Olive oil and beeswax infused with full spectrum CBD oil, comfrey leaf, white willow bark, arnica oil and Savitur Botanicals peppermint essential oil.

The CBD oil is non psychoactive and incredibly therapeutic for many people.

Comfrey leaf actually penetrates into the tissues, muscles and bones and helps to literally repair and mend any injuries.

White willow bark is where they derive tylenol from. It is the real deal for pain relief and helps to get ride of inflammation. Arnica oil is known widely for its anti-inflammatory use as well. It helps to rid the body of pain and swelling.

The high grade peppermint essential oil is like an all-natural “bengay”. It has a cooling effect while the other herbs are heating. It offers INSTANT pain relief because it dilates the blood vessels and allows for stronger circulation and fresh blood. It also smells super yummy.

This salve is anti-inflammatory and literally heals the tissues from any injury or surgery.
Most people tell me that they have instant relief and lasting, sustainable relief.
Women also say they love rubbing this onto their bellies and wombs for nourishment and relief.

This homemade salve is good for sore muscles, joints, arthritis, injuries and pre- and post surgeries.

It is easy to apply with a non-greasy feel.  


This medicine is made in small batches, intentionally and woven with healing prayers.

I’ve never seen anyone have an allergic reaction to this but it is always good to “test” on your skin first before applying all over.

INSTRUCTIONS: Use often. Not just for soreness but also for dry skin. It is so nourishing.

To see clear results I recommend three times a day.  Twice would even be fine.  Usually people feel immediate results but everyone is different.

Not much is needed.  Use about the same amount that you would use for hand cream or lotion.  It is quite thick, too! 


**IF YOU ORDER MORE THAN 10, I CAN SELL THEM AT $30 each! Send me an email if you would like to do this!**


Here are a few kind reviews from customers!:

“Seriously this has been the one thing that allows me to move.
Thank you so much. I was talking to my doctor and she said order it when I could get it to have all year.
We went on a trip in November to San Francisco and I did more walking than I had in years. I can only take Tylenol due to health issues and this is the only option I have to help control pain… the cream/salve is live saving for me.”

“I ordered some of this hand crafted pain salve from the lovely miss Hayley Porter.
It is indeed very soothing, absorbs quickly, and the aroma is pleasant but not overwhelming at all.
Great product Hayley, thank you so much!”

“I have been healed by your organic pain relief salve so many times now. Thank you.”

“I have used it for at least the past five years. It’s amazing stuff and I seem to get into lots of scrapes and bumps. You really want to try it.”

“My mama loves this so much! Thank you, grateful to know you!”

“I love this stuff!”

“Get your product today!! Super quick shipping thank you!”


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