**Online Emailed Iridology Analysis



Product Description

Online Emailed Iridology Consultation

Analysis sent via email:

  • Please email me your intentions and any specific questions or goals that you have, along with a current list of medications.
    • Send email to UnderstandThyself@yahoo.com
  • Along with the email, attach clear photos of each of your irises (instructions are on the “How to Send Me Your Iris Photos” page of my website**).
  • If you choose, you can also fill out my detailed Health Intake Form and I can send the document to you before your analysis
  • You receive a detailed email with your iris assessment, herbal recommendations and information, nutritional guidance, recipes and a how-to guide for different treatments like enemas and castor oil packs.  You also receive a food combining chart, an iridology map and a reflexology chart.

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