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Iridology with Mees and Hayley – Online Course



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Have you been wanting to learn more about Iridology – the science of reading the irises of the eyes?

Now is your chance!

In this course, we go over the basics and an introduction to Iridology. Mees and Hayley will discuss and explain colors, markings, textures, the map and how all of these correlate to the physical and emotional bodies within each individual.

Iridology is a very in-depth and complex science and thus, in this first course, the basics are explained in an easy to understand format. It our my intention to teach you how to READ YOUR OWN EYES.

This class is a live, 2-hour interactive video format. It has been recorded for YOU! I will send you the link to the recording after purchase.

This is our first of many online series for learning the incredible diagnostic tool of Iridology. It is a very big subject, which Hayley has been studying for 6 years and Mees for 1 year – We have a lot to cover! We are both Certified Master Iridologist and have read and photographed thousands of eyes between the two of us! We are so excited and honored to share with you all in this way! Hayley is also studying to be a Naturopathic Physician and will graduate in April of 2018.


As always, if you would like a one-on-one reading, please email:

Hayley at


Mees at


We deeply look forward to sharing this powerful, evolutionary tool of health with YOU!

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