Certification Course – Iridology



Product Description

Iridology Certification Course

Join our small group for the live classes or learn in your own timing.


Class 1

Introduction to Iridology

  • Science and history
  • Map explanation & breakdown

Class 2

  • Colors
  • Organs colors
  • Acute vs chronic

Class 3

  • All marking types and meanings

Class 4

  • The Pupil
  • Ring of Nourishment

Class 5

  • True cure
  • Root of symptoms

Class 6

  • True Blue, True Brown and Mixed Iris Types
  • Iris Fiber Structures

Class 7

  • Nervous Sensitive Constitution Type
  • Immune Reactive Constitution Type

Class 8

  • Anxiety Gastric Constitution Type
  • Lymphatic Sensitive Constitution Type

Class 9

  • Glandular Digestive Emotional Constitution Type
  • Structurally Open Constitution Type

Class 10

  • Velvet Brown Constitution Type
  • Circulatory Hardening Constitution Type

Class 11

  • Sign of Healing or Sign of Disease

11 weeks

September 23rd – December 2nd 2020

11 Live Interactive Zoom Class Calls

Recorded Classes

Lifetime Access to Course videos

Free Iridology Analysis with me included!

My favorite iridology book is INCLUDED plus a list of recommended reads

GOLD SEAL CERTIFICATE given upon completion of course plus the homework and case studies.


$100 off for people of color

$100 off for new moms or single moms

$100 off for referral signups!

$100 off when enrolled in my Detoxification Counselor Course as well

Payment plans available