“Humans are one of the very few mammals that do not eat their placenta. With the exception of marine mammals and some domestically reared ones, all other mammals consume their afterbirth.”


Lotus Birth
I took all of the photos except this one

The placenta is said to contain the essence and the breath of the baby.  In India, families bury the placenta outside of the home.  If the baby gets cold, they light a fire over the placenta and the baby becomes warm.

It is with this sacredness that I care for the placenta.

Within 12 hours of delivery, I need to begin working with the placenta.  It is important that the transportation (if needed) of the placenta is conscious.  The placenta must be kept in a glass container, and then the glass container wrapped in a blanket to keep it cozy.  This is important for the subtle energies.

If this is a lotus birth, I can begin as soon as the chord detaches.

Placenta Umbilical Cord Natural Birth

If you are giving birth at a hospital, let the doctors and midwives know that you want to keep your placenta.  Be sure to remind them and once you have delivered, have your “designated person” contact me.

Placenta Natural Birthing

Placenta Print Natural Birth


I create exquisite placenta prints for memories like the one shown above (and here).

The placenta is then fully dehydrated at 115 degrees to preserve the enzymes, powdered and then capsuled into vegan capsules.

Placenta Encapsulation Natural Birth

I aim to be complete within 2 days.  Upon completion you will receive your prints, capsules and instructions.

Placenta Encapsulation Natural Birth


I ensure the safety and sanitation of the placenta and never work with more than one placenta at a time.

Placenta encapsulation, prints and photography:  $100-$200 sliding scale


Placenta Encapsulation Natural Birth
  • Placentas contain nutritionally dense amounts of iron, B vitamins, protein, magnesium and calcium that mothers deeply need after giving birth.
  • Placentas contain hormones that:
    • Bring on lactation
    • Help prevent postpartum depression
    • Help lower stress – CRH (corticotropin-releasing hormone)
    • Reduce postpartum hemorrhage
    • Bring the uterus back down to size – Oxytocin
  • Honoring and acknowledging that which brings life!


*Wikipedia page about Human placentophagy link here*


Placenta Encapsulation Birth


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