Hola y bienvenidos a la oportunidad de magia, bendiciones y sabiduría!

Hello and welcome to the opportunity of magic, blessings and wisdom!

Retreat With The Wise Ones in the Sacred Valley of Perú

July 16-July 27th 2020

Guided by Amrita Hayley Porter

For more information and to register, please email me at UnderstandThyself@yahoo.com

It is my deepest intention to provide a container of healing, magic and respect, as I guide friends on a profound journey, weaving through the exquisite culture and the breathtaking lands of the Andes Mountains of Perú.

I invite you to relax and let go, surrendering into the beauty and mysticism as I offer you an all inclusive, fully organized adventure into the unknown and the known.

Come hike with us through the ancient, sacred mountains.

Visit the ruins and highly respected places of prayer, worship and history.

Gaze as the sun rises over the Sun Temple.

Delight in the fine detail of true handmade textiles as we commune with an indigenous and traditional weaving community high up in the mountains.

Come join us as we support local, authentic communities in a way that offers absolute respect, generosity and humility.

Come dance and sing with us under the stars as we shed the last decade, heal our cells, inspire and invigorate our core and our true purpose.

I want to hold you all and also the culture and land of Perú in a blanket of love!

Our accommodations are designed in the traditional earth and cobb structures, with elegant touches and luxury, woven amongst gardens and nestled at the feet of giant and wise mountains.

Every single meal and beverage is included in the total cost for this 12-day adventure!

We will be hiking many sacred ruins, including Pisaq, Saqsaywaman, Kinsa Cocha (3 lakes) AND the very secluded mountains where Rāma (my baby boy) was born!

We will be immersed in Andean culture with people speaking Quechua (their beautiful native language.) A truly special experience for all.

All of our financial contributions intentionally go to small, local families.

You will learn how to offer coca and prayers to the Apus (sacred mountains) and may even become fond of the medicinal coca tea.

There will be 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies with my beloved teachers whom I trust with all of my heart and soul. 2 guided by S & V and the other by Alonso del Río.

There will also be a sunlit hike with Huachuma.

These master plant teachers are powerful allies and friends. What an honor it is to share them with you in this way.

My intention is to hold a safe, healing, sacred, lovely and transformational retreat for all those that feel a spark and a call to join us.

What an honor and a blessing this is to guide you all through the mountains of my heart and connect you will a culture that truly embodies wisdom, prayerful living and deep reverence for the earth, Pachamama.

The total cost for this all inclusive (yes EVERYTHING!), 12-day adventure retreat is only  $2,325

This does not include airfare.

International flights to Lima and then a short domestic flight to Cusco are the routes.

ALL transportation once off of the airplanes is covered and arranged!

I will recommend what to bring and what not to bring and how to best prepare for the trip, the hikes and the ceremonies.

I pray that you join me with open hearts, hands and minds as we journey through the Sacred Valley in this special way!

Our meals will be traditional Peruvian dishes, organic and prepared vegan with added raw foods and nourishing treats.

Did you know that the Andean people of Perú invented and cultivated the edible potato? There are thousands of varieties and the tastes and colors will blow your mind!

Corns of many incredible varieties grow there and are incorporated into the foods in spectacular ways.

We we also have fresh exotic fruits that travel the short distances from the jungles, amazing herbal teas, salads and delicious healthy desserts.

Our foods will be healing, nourishing, simple and absolutely delicious, served at our retreat center and made by incredible people.

I will share our itinerary below and I hope that it inspires you to say YES to your dreams and to your heart!

Blessed be, friends!

This journey awaits you!

Please email me to set up a phone call so that I can answer any questions that you have and get to know you better!


I am only able to invite 13 people, so if this is you, please do not wait, send a message!

Hugs and all of my love!!!


July 16th-July 27th 2020

16th – Arrive by the afternoon and settle into Nidra Wasi Retreat Center with optional cacao + kirtan gathering in the late afternoon

17th – Coca offering and gratitude ceremony (despacho) to the Sacred Apus (mountains) and hiking the Pisaq Ruins and the Sun Temple

18th – A full day with a very special indigenous and traditional weaving community, Amarú. Everyone will receive their own stunning, one of a kind scarf, blanket, shall or bag.

19th – Rest during the day (flower baths, herbal baths and bodywork treatments available at the spa!)

Ceremonial evening with the Grandmother Ayahuasca led by S & V

20th – Rest during the day (flower baths, herbal baths and bodywork treatments available at the spa!)

Second Ceremonial evening with the Grandmother Ayahuasca led by S & V

21st – Rest and visit the local Pisaq market

22nd – Hiking the secluded Coya Mountains

23rd – Visiting Saqsaywaman and other sacred sites near Cusco

24th – Hike Kinsa Cocha Lakes with the Sacred Huachuma (San Pedro) Grandfather plant, led by S & V

25th – Hiking the Taray mountains along the river in the morning

Our third Ceremony with the Grandmother Ayahuasca, with Alonso del Río

26th – Medicine Music Festival and benefit for Wiñaypaq begins with world renowned musicians! (All proceeds for this festival go to the local and traditional Andean school! A bi-annual event!)

27th – We officially end our retreat and guests have the option to stay for the remaining 2 days of the festival and the closing Ayahuasca prayer ceremony.

27th – Festival

28th – Festival

29th – Rest + restore

30th – Ceremony for the closing of the festival and benefit

Blessings abound!

Inquires to:


*A non-refundable deposit of $250 reserves your space along with a $250 refundable deposit (totaling $500)*

Please send deposits via PayPal as “friends and family option” to: Understandthyself@yahoo.com

or to Venmo @hayleyporter

Pay in full and receive $100 OFF!

$1,000 total is due by April 26th and the remaining balance can be paid the day the retreat begins.

Not all parts of this adventure are mandatory! If you don’t want to partake in a certain activity, we can tailor that into the cost and adjust as needed.