I teach people about how to improve their health and create long-lasting, sustainable results. I do not feel that there is one diet that fits all humans. We are all unique in so many ways and I love helping to find what is best for you in this moment AND to teach you how to be dynamic and capable of flowing with each moment in life to give and receive what is most needed.

I have been mostly vegetarian since the age of 13, by choice.  When I started my Naturopath courses in 2011, I became fully plant-based.  I learned and embodied how to eat a balanced and healthy vegan diet.  There is no perfect diet.  Everyone is unique, at every phase in their life.

I love to encourage lifestyles that support the health, cleanliness and balance of our bodies and of the entire planet. A mostly plant-based, mostly raw (live) food diet encourages our bodies, minds and spirits to be a “super conductor of the divine”.

Certain imbalances and ailments require certain diets.  Life phases, disease phases, seasons and age affect what the individual body needs.  It is so important to know what will channel your highest healing and health.  Through the intelligent teachings from the School of Natural Medicine, I am now a Certified Healing Diets Counselor.

It has taken experience and education to understand how to properly nourish my body and to share that wisdom with others.

  • One on one phone/video consultations WITH an Iridology analysis
    • 60 minutes – $70

    One month apprenticeship with Iridology analysis.  A weekly 60 minute phone/video call with an outlined syllabus, tailored to your needs and intentions.

    • $60 per weekly session.  Total investment is $240.  You DO NOT need to pay all at once!  Just pay each week before our call.



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