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Purium and My Online Organic Superfood Superstore

ASK ME about my Purium!

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Purium Superfoods Organic $50 Gift Card Hayley Porter


DōTerra oils are high quality, therapeutic essential oils distilled and extracted preserving the raw volatile oils of plants.

Not every essential oil available is created with such quality and it is therefore incredibly important to choose the best. Especially when used internally, essential oil quality makes a huge difference.

I can not recommend any store-bought oils but I can recommend DōTerra due to their serious testing and quality of production!

I use oils in and on everything!

As deodorant, in my babies bathtub instead of soap, on my face, for cleaning my counters and veggies and even just sprinkled around the house for wonderful aromas.

Essential oils purify the air, our blood and our lymph and each plant contains its own unique healing benefits.

I always have a “First-Aid Kit” on me, containing Lavender (for burns and bites), Tea Tree (for open wounds), OnGuard (for immune system boosts and sicknesses), Oregano (for stomach bugs) and Serenity (for a baby that needs soothing).

I recommend having oils with you at all times because they are nature’s true medicines and can help you in so many ways!

Grab a book or the DōTerra phone app to learn more about what oils help which maladies!

Or just reach out to me to ask! I’d be happy to help educate you and guide you to the correct oils for you and your loved ones!

If you’d like to sign up with DōTerra to receive discounted wholesale prices::

My ID number if needed is: 7073587

When you sign-up you have two options. You can choose to receive wholesale costs when you sign up as a Wellness Advocate.

I encourage you to select to become a wholesale buyer and business builder with me so that you can also earn commission on every oil bottle you share with your community!

I can also assist you in setting up a Loyalty Rewards monthly order if you want even more discounts and free oils!




Wylder Coffee

Organic Coffee Probiotic Coffee Wylder Coffee Affiliate

“Drawing on our generational wisdom, we have hand-selected a robust strain of extremophile probiotic and organically-farmed, high altitude, 100% Arabica beans. We are the first in the world to combine extremophile probiotics with ground organic coffee. Great pride has been taken in purchasing the finest ingredients, and stewarding our earth and its resources. ”

Follow this link to receive a discount on your ORGANIC PROBIOTIC COFFEE!  YES.  Enter HAYLEYPORTER” at checkout to receive 10% off your entire order!!!

This is the ONLY coffee that I use.  It is also my favorite coffee for coffee enemas!

Only use organic coffee.  Convention coffee is loaded with pesticides and toxins!

This company was also started by my best friend, Brittany Ricketts!

Organic Coffee Probiotic Coffee Wylder Coffee Affiliate



Excalibur DehydratorExcalibur Dehydrator Vegan Raw Food Hayley Porter

“Excalibur is experiencing rapid growth. The raw food revolution continues to grow, more people want to know what’s in their food, more people are focusing on health & wellness for their families, more people are preparing for emergency situations, more people are interested in feeding their pets nutrient-rich snacks, more people are hunting as a hobby, and the list goes on.  Excalibur is based in Sacramento, CA. We are the world leader in dehydration.”

I have the 9-tray NO TIMER dehydrator!  I use it all of the time! This company also offers certified refurbished dehydrators that are a fraction of the price!  Be sure to check out that page of their website too!  There are many sizes, styles and colors available.

And when you follow the link below to view their website and to order, YOU GET FREE SHIPPING!  Magic and enjoy!


Excalibur Dehydrator Raw Vegan Food Hayley Porter


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