An iris analysis a day!

Beginning a new sacred ritual today to share anonymous public Iridology Analyses with you all to fulfill my mission of sharing and teaching Iridology to every person! I want everyone to learn how to heal themselves and this is an amazing tool to facilitate ‘seeing’ within!


There are many markings in this iris! Brown spots, a white string of spots on the edges, orange at the top and yellows throughout! This is a LEFT EYE.


This is actually a blue iris with yellow pigments, creating a green appearance. The yellow coloring indicates congested and over-burdened kidneys. Too much acidity is currently within the cells and the kidneys are responsible for balancing the pH of blood, therefore, they are working overtime to bring it all back to homeostasis. REMEDIES FOR THIS: More water to help the kidneys filter. Alkalize the diet and lifestyle more if one hasn’t already. Implement kidney ginger poultices three times a week to purify and strengthen. Add in herbs like parsley, rose hips, juniper berries and fruits with high vitamin C. More leafy greens, too.


The next markings are the 4 dark brown pigments. Two at 9 o’clock, representing the thyroid area. One butterfly shaped freckle pigment in the spleen zone and one in the heart zone.


Pigments can range in color from white to black, with the color being indicative of the level of inflammation/acidity (those two words are the same thing!!) of the tissues. White is acute and black (not including the pupil) indicates chronic tissue degradation. The scale of inflammation goes white, pale yellow, yellow, orange, light brown, dark brown, red brown, grey and then black.


The pigmentations shown here are dark brown and red brown. This indicates chronic congestion. Chronic means that it’s been there for a long time. The circulation is very poor to these specific areas. This means that the entire metabolic function within these 4 areas are extremely diminished.


What is metabolic function? Basically, it’s the absorption of nutrients and the elimination of wastes. Remember friends, everything eats and everything poops. Even the tiny cells. So the cells that make up the tissues and the organs where these spots are located (thyroid, spleen and heart) are not getting enough of the nutrients they need to function. AND their debris is not able to filter out and leave. So the whole area is congested and not working at its highest capacity. I could go further into the symptoms this might manifest as – thinning hair, low energy, sluggish immune system, etc…


To improve, lighten and eliminate dark pigments takes a lot of work but it can be done! REMEDIES: Receive weekly deep tissue massage to help eliminate the adhesions in the areas and to dramatically increase circulation. Incorporate twisting asana (yoga) postures to wring out the organs and lymphatic system like a sponge. Add in a full body, holistic herbal protocol to purify, rebuild and transform the system (I can prescribe this for you). High green, alkaline, nourishing, purification diet. Deep breathing and pranayama. Reflexology.


If you’ve read this far,  you rock! I want to keep these posts to a certain length and not too long, so stay tuned for the continuation of this individual iris analysis tomorrow! ALSO, once a week I will be analyzing the iris of a famous celebrity!!!! How fun! Thanks for tuning in y’all and for your interest in holistic, natural healing for the benefit of all and Mama Earth!

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