How to Send Me Your Iris Photos

When taking your own iris photos please follow these steps:

  1. You’ll need a smartphone or a digital camera to take clear photos AND a flashlight AND a blanket or a scarf.
  2. Have a friend help you, it is much easier.
  3. Ask your friend hold the camera and the flashlight.
  4. Put the blanket or scarf over your head to get rid of reflections.
  6. Both eyes need to be wide open and staring directly into the camera lens.
  7. Shine the flashlight at a 45 degree angle toward the iris.
    1. Do not shine the light directly into the eye.
    2. Shine it from the side and at an angle to see the landscape of the iris.
  8. Each camera is different:
    1. Try close up OR far away.
    2. My goal is to see the fibers in your iris!


Please email your photos to

Include your intentions, any questions that you have and a current list of medications.




Watch the video above or click this link to watch this “how-to” video that I made for more detailed instructions!