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What is Iridology?

In the simplest terms, Iridology is the science of studying the iris of the eye and how it relates to all levels of a person’s current health. Through the complex nervous system and reflex systems of the body, life is revealed. A map is used to note reflex areas of all the organs and glands, the blood, lymph, nervous system, mental state and constitutional strengths and weaknesses.

An Iridologist studies the markings, colors and fibers of the iris and is able to explain the meanings. In 1000 BC, Chaldeans of Babylonia carved stone slabs depicting the iris and its relationship to the body. The ancient Egyptians and Hippocrates also studied the markings of the iris. In 1670 AD Phillippus Meyens described the first iris chart. Fast forward to present time and there are hundreds of books and classes offered on Iridology.

The Germans developed a system that goes into minute details of the iris, magnifying them to extreme degrees. Farida Sharan, my teacher, has also founded a method that encompasses the total ecology of a person.

Over the past three years I have studied in depth on the subject of Naturopathy and am near completion of my Master Iridologist diploma at the School of Natural Medicine. I have read, drawn and photographed thousands of irises and there is no doubt in my mind that this science is a phenomenal tool for assisting people in understanding themselves to promote true healing.

I have seen the eyes change in correspondence to healing and also to disease, with confirmation through other standard medical tests.

The irises are a computer screen for the entire body, mind and spirit of a person. Every organ can be seen in the eye and its current state addressed. The blood, lymph and nervous system can be analyzed. What parts of the whole are being over worked and causing symptoms to arise?

The true causes of the symptoms of the body and mind can be found. Inherent strengths and weaknesses are also shown which provide an unparalleled bases for self-healing. We are able to see which actions are helping a person and which actions are hindering their progress. This valuable information can allow a person to promote healing within themselves as they learn to become independently healthy.

I apply my background of nutrition, herbal medicine, Naturopathy and bodywork to create a full healing protocol. I work on deep levels to gently support the transformation.


**Iridology Analyses are available in person, via email or over the phone/Skype.**


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  1. Kristina
    March 16, 2016

    Hi Hayley, I am a lover of your page I am always fascinated by your iridiology readings and how it tells about what is underlying internally. I recently haven’t been well for the last year and wanted your help in fighting out what is underlying. I want to share more about it once I hear back. Please let me know how I can take that opening you mentioned to do an online iridiology Assessment with you! 🙂

    1. hayleyporter
      March 26, 2017

      Hello dear!

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