Iridology Analysis Available!

This is a testimonial from a recent Iridology Analysis that I gave to a sweet woman:
“Wow. This is amazing. You. You!! You are amazing.
My darling soul sister. I appreciate this greatly and take this to heart.
I appreciate the information you have given to me to aid me further on my healing journey.
I can sincerely say that I Love You and appreciate your wisdom and knowledge.
Thank you for spreading the love and for giving me the information I so desperately needed to hear.
Thank You.”

“Hello darling! I am mono eating and feeling so much better! I am hoping to do an enema on Sunday to speed up the process.
Thak you for your knowledge.”

Who would like an Iridology Analysis?
Online readings are only $35!
Prices will be going up soon as my work is becoming more and more potent <3

All you need to do is send clear photos of each of your eyes, eyes wide open, staring straight into the camera.
You’ll need a smart phone or digital camera.
Each camera is different; some can take up close for clear photos, others need far away shots for clarity (then I can zoom).
Some need natural daylight; others need a dark room with the flash on!
Do this yourself or have a friend assist you! 🙂
Send through a Facebook message or in an email to

Thank you for sharing this futuristic healing with me!

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