How to do a garlic enema

For all those wanting to learn how to do a garlic enema::
Peel four raw garlic cloves. Put them in a blender and add a pint of clean water. Blend on high until it’s completely liquid. Try to turn off the blender before it gets all foamy. Pour the liquid into your clean enema bag. Implant and retain as long as you can. Release and embrace the healing. ***Important tips:: Do a water wash enema first — If you’ve never done an enema or need a reminder send me a private message and I’ll send you directions. Also, I advise that you do not do a garlic enema the first time you try an enema. Start simple. — And remember, you are dealing with poop, so be SUPER hygienic!!! The purpose of garlic enemas:: gets rid of parasites, it’s antibacterial and great for the heart and circulation. Please, contact me if you have any questions. #naturalmedicine #garlic #enema #parasites #health #cleanse


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