Freshly harvested mullein

Today I harvested Mullein leaf from the Boulder canyons to offer as medicines for you all!

Mullein leaf is a plant that can be used as a tea, it can be smoked or taken as a tincture.
It is a lung healing herb and acts as a:
Bronchial dilator – opening the air passage ways in the lungs, allowing more oxygen to be inhaled
Antispasmodic – soothing the lungs and calming them in cases like coughing and asthma
Expectorant – helping to release mucous congestion

It is a great herb for people who are transitioning away from smoking tobacco.

I am offering it as a dried, loose leaf herb for teas and for smoking. It can be mixed with other herbs and honey
for a tasty tea. And when smoking it, it can be combined to bulk up other herbs like tobacco and cannibus and add healing properties. It can also be smoke by itself.

I have also created pre-made cigar-ettes that can be smoked on their own! (Shown in the picture). They are super fun and a relaxing treat. Simple and ready to go.

Loose leaf: $1 an ounce
Cigar-ettes: $1 for one
(If shipped, add $2 for postal costs)


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