Fall grape cleanse

The seasons are changing and so is my body. During seasonal transitions I like to give my body a chance to reset and recharge. This usually means a cleanse – simplifying my food intake and giving a break to my digestive system so that my body can focus on healing and eliminating what is no longer needed. For this cleanse, I’ve chosen to fast on grapes. Why? Because they are incredibly detoxifying, high in antioxidants and iron and extremely moisturizing. Plus they are growing everywhere around the Front Range right now. Mother Nature is sharing her medicine! And, it just makes sense. 🙂 I’ll be eating only grapes and taking herbs for a few days until I feel complete. I’ll also be doing a daily garlic enema to really clean out my blood and lymph. I’ll post updates as I usually do and I invite you to join! I am available to guide you through a personalized cleanse. And as always, to answer any questions you may have. #fall #cleanse #healing #grape #fast #herb #enema #garlic #preventative #naturalmedicine IMG_2781-0.JPG


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