Dorothy Hall Iridology Quote

In reading a book about Iridology, I came across this fantastic quote::

“One of the saddest comments on health I have heard, came from an eminent member of the medical profession at a recent naturopathic/medical seminar. ‘Let’s teach them all how to live quite comfortably with their disabilities,’ he said. ‘That’s life, after all.’ It’s not, you know; sub-health doesn’t heave to be accepted or adjusted to. Adjustment within ourselves, to fund, understand, and remove, small problems before they become big ones can result in positive health and a return, slowly or fast, to clearer iris colours when the body is able to regulate its own metabolism and homeostasis balance day by day without outside support of any kind. Then you can commit occasional sins – which keep you human and nice to be with – without suffering any more than a slight swing of your balance down and then up again easily.”

IRIDOLOGY – How The Eyes Reveal Your Health and Your Personality by Dorothy Hall

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