Day 6 – another day of fresh grape juice!


 Im feeling like posting the journal first

I continued the grape juice portion of this cleanse through today.  Completing four days of only fresh grape juice.  Yummm.  It is so delicious.  I want to keep it up but I have to ground down and start working more.  As the full moon in Taurus energy swirls around, I feel a strong pull grounding me.  It is humbly sobering and enlightening.  Such grace and experience being gifted.  *Note to self – balance work.  I am so used to over working for an income.  Balance, balance.  Stay healthy.  Yes.  I am that I am and I learn to speak my truth and earn what I deserve.  Money is such a funny illusion.  Yet in this dimension it gives us the feeling of security.  Being a massage therapist brings me such joy and is a deep connection to spirit.  I give intense sessions too.  For this, I am so happy that I am studying to be a Natural Physician as well.  To deepen my practice and to allow for other means of income that are not so physical.   My shoulders say ‘ahhhh’.

I was worried about money strongly for three days, but now I feel that all is truly in divine order.  I give so much and in return, open deeply to receiving.

I am still not hungry but I feel greens would be good!  So tomorrow I will start juicing greens a other nourishing organic fruits and vegetables.

 PS everything that I ask for is manifesting.  It’s amazing!  ASK AND WE SHALL RECEIVE!  All in patience

PPS I’ll post pictures tomorrow

Today looked like:

(castor oil pack and self-reflexology last night)

Water (I drink so much everyday)

Native healing tea

Neti Pot

Yoga (I guided a beautiful, wise goddess and myself through a yin style practice)

Skin brushing

Hot shower with cool rinse

Grape Juice


Grape Juice

(gave two massages)

Grape Juice

Native Healing tea

Skin brushing

Hot shower with cool rinse

(no enema today – I miss it!)

Wet pack on shoulder

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