Day 5 and the grace


Went to be early and slept for eleven hours!


Native Tea


Grape Juice


Lemongrass and clove tea

Grape Juice


Water and garlic enemas

Cool rinse and apple cider vinegar on pelvic area

Grape Juice

Native Tea

Skin Brushing

Hot bath with cool rinse

Foot scrubbing




Feelin groovy. I am not hungry and have an abundance of energy.  loving it.  Still more releases and healings happening on deep levels.  On the physical level, my bowels are still moving and mucous is leaving, WAHOO!  (Ha sometimes I underestimate my nerdy-ness for health.  This is my passion and my service to the world. Gaining knowledge and experience to evolve my health and assist others will the wisdom I have gained through ‘practicing what I preach’.)  On the emotional and mental level I am feeling open and at peace.  My mind is calm and I feel more able to go with the flow.  I am more present in this moment and in being rather than doing.  My dream last night was POWERFUL!  I will read an excerpt from my dream journal:

“I had the most beautiful dream about dad.  We were taking a ride through the cosmos in a jeep.  I was driving.  Our cruise control stopped working and we couldn’t use the breaks or slow down the car to stop and restart it.  I clicked the cruise button again it started working.  Then I asked my papa how his organs felt as he told me he’d been taking a lot of pain pills.  He said, ‘Do you have to ask me this now?’  I said, ‘Why not’.  The tears began to flow.  We held hands as we soared through the stars on a white track.  Upside and swirling around.  Crying and releasing.  When we landed a woman was talking about how she had just done an enema and dad was interested in learning more.  I was high on tears. <3 Woah bless bless blessed release and feelings of love and SUPPORT during this Mexican grape juice cleanse. 

Ah life is so beautiful.  It’s all in our perception- how we view it.  IT=ourselves.  All is a reflection of our inner world.  Do we choose one of love and health?  May it be so.

LOVE and feeling the abundance of healing even through a busy day of fixing a palapa home.  I did not get any school work done today but I did have a beautiful discussion with a woman who has type 1 Diabetes.  She has asked for my support and that I did give. Giving her herbal advice and deep nutrition consultations.  It’s all about her mental state, I told her.  So I instructed her on homeopathic medicines and how to make her own J I’ll also make green smoothies for her starting Monday.

Ahh and with that I am complete.  LOVE to the divine within all of us

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