Certification Courses

You can attend these courses live, or purchase them and take them in you own chosen timing.

Two Courses:

Iridology Certification Course & Detoxification Counselor Certification Course

Both Courses include:

  • Live, interactive video calls that will be recorded for lifetime access
  • Homework and case study assignments
  • A free Iridology Analysis with me
  • Books delivered to you!
  • Gold Seal Certification mailed to you upon completion!

To enroll, please send a message with further questions or book directly in the store on my site.

Detoxification Counselor Certificate Course


  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Elimination Channels and
  • Herbal medicine
    -The Intuitive and Shamanic Approach to plants
    -Herbal medicines of the world and their uses
    -Wildcrafting and growing
    -Making medicines
  • Detoxification treatments
  • Healing Crisis vs Disease Crisis
  • Purification, Rejuvenation and Transformation
  • Foods to help with detoxification and foods that hinder
  • Transitioning and the importance of integral approaches
    -Food combining
  • Emotional and mental aspects of cleansing

8 spaces for 8 students only, for an intimate, individualized course.
7 spots remaining.

Benefit from the experience of witnessing other people’s detoxification journeys in class as well as your own. Deepen your knowledge, wisdom and experience of the process of healing.

9 – 90 minute live Zoom video calls (will be recorded for you if you cannot make the live calls)

Lifetime access to recordings.

Iridology Analysis included as part of your tuition

August 17th through October 12th, 2020

Self Healing Investment Cost
2 books included! Plus a list of recommended reads.
Iridology Analysis
Lifetime Access to Course videos

$100 off for people of color
$100 off for new moms or single moms
$100 off for referral signups!
Payment plans available


Iridology Certification Course


Class 1

  • Introduction to Iridology
  • Science and history
  • Map explanation & breakdown

Class 2

  • Colors
  • Organ colors
  • Acute vs chronic

Class 3

  • All marking types and meanings

Class 4

  • The Pupil
  • Ring of Nourishment

Class 5

  • True cure
  • Root of symptoms

Class 6

  • True Blue, True Brown and Mixed Iris Types
  • Iris Fiber Structures

Class 7

  • Nervous Sensitive Constitution Type
  • Immune Reactive Constitution Type

Class 8

  • Anxiety Gastric Constitution Type
  • Lymphatic Sensitive Constitution Type

Class 9

  • Glandular Digestive Emotional Constitution Type
  • Structurally Open Constitution Type

Class 10

  • Velvet Brown Constitution Type
  • Circulatory Hardening Constitution Type

Class 11

  • Sign of Healing or Sign of Disease

11 weeks

September 23rd – December 2nd 2020

11 Live Interactive Zoom Class Calls

Recorded Classes

Lifetime Access to Course videos

Free Iridology Analysis with me included!

My favorite iridology book is INCLUDED plus a list of recommended reads.

GOLD SEAL CERTIFICATE given upon completion of course plus the homework and case studies.


$100 off for people of color

$100 off for new moms or single moms

$100 off for referral signups!

$100 off when enrolled in my Detoxification Counselor Course as well

Payment plans available