Anonymous Iridology Analysis Continued…


Iris analysis continued…


The next major marking that shows can be seen in the little white dots on the outer ring of the iris.


This indicates congestion and stagnation in the Lymphatic System.


The lymph is designed to flow and to filter out harmful bacteria. There are large lymph nodes in the body (throat, armpits and groin) but the whole system flows throughout the entire body with little nodes all around.


This person most likely experiences symptoms like excess mucous and phlegm, food sensitivities to dairy, gluten and processed sugars. They also most likely have low immune function and therefore tend to get sick more easily.


Emotionally, they tend to wallow in emotions.


I’d recommend that this person integrate more daily exercises like walking, hiking and swimming. Cardio and fast movements are important for them. I’d also recommend that they get monthly massages and drink about a gallon of water a day, depending on their size and climate. They can also add in red clover blossom tea and eat LOTS of dark leafy greens.


This person also needs a very clean and tidy home and work environment to feel happy.


With these simple remedies, these markings will lighten, fade and disappear. Giving the person the feeling of more heath, vitality and emotional freedom!


Stay tuned for the next public Iridology Analysis!  Which famous person’s iris would you like to see me analyze??

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