Hayley Porter Iridology Natural Medicine Vegan

Hello friends! My name is Hayley (some call me Amritā – meaning nectar), and I am the blessed mama of a beautiful boy born on August 23, 2018 in the high Andean Mountains of the Sacred Valley of Peru. This beam of light, Rama Anthony, holds all of my heart and most of my focus at all times of the day! If you would like to see photos of this incredibly cute and bright little little light, Rama, head to my Instagram or Facebook for some joy-filled goodness!

I was born in Colorado and I have a PASSION for holistic health! Using food as medicine, I have been (and continue to be able to) overcome many maladies and traumas within my body mind and spirit. I am SO GRATEFUL to be able to assist others on the same path.

I am a Natural Physician, having studied at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder for 7 years. I completed my diplomas in 2017 as a Master Iridologist, Naturopath and Master Herbalist as well as certifications as a Healing Diets Counselor, Flower Essence and Essential Oils Practitioner, Master Reflexologist. 
I am a seasoned certified Massage Therapist, having been in practice since 2010.

I began studying yoga in high school and after many years of being in love with my daily practice and how it shifted my world, I became a certified Yoga Teacher through Richii Jai, in 2014. 

I currently enjoy offering Iridology Analyses online with people from all over the world. Technology is amazing! I teach clients to take quality and simple photos of their irises. We then meet via phone/video or email to discuss what the irises reveal! It’s a pure joy and one of my sacred service’s to the world.

In 2013, I was invited to speak with Dr. T. Colin Campbell, author of The China Study, and Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, author of Forks Over Knives on the Holistic Holiday at Sea™ cruise. I got to co-authored lectures with Dr. Jay Darji, M.D. on Herbal Medicine and Natural Cancer Therapies! So amazing.

I have worked as a raw foods chef at a detoxification, meditation and yoga retreat center in Ithaca, New York and Jamez, New Mexico as well as a live-in nutritionist and chef in Tulum, Mexico. in 2016 I also had the honor of teaching the Reflexology courses and Healing Diets Nutrition Courses alongside Farida Sharan at the School of Natural Medicine in Boulder.

  I have witnessed healing WITHIN MYSELF in such profound ways. I have seen the changes in my eyes (through Iridology), in my body, in my mental state and even in my family’s patterns.
There is beauty in natural, holistic healing. When we flow with nature, a true cure comes. Healing comes in many universal forms within our flower of life; food, herbs, movement, meditation, LOVE, sunshine, air and water. 
I see, I feel and I am diving into this field of study.  I bow in humility as I fulfill this life’s purpose.

Hayley Porter Iridology Natural Medicine Vegan

Hayley Porter Iridology Natural Medicine Vegan

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