Day 4 of the cleanse of loveee


(castor oil pack and self massage)


Grape Juice


Native Healing Tea

Skin brushing

Hot Shower with cool rinse

Grape Juice


Chai Tea

Trace Minerals

Grape Juice

Enema sequence- water, coffee, garlic

Hot Shower with cool rinse

Fenugreek and chamomile tea

Grape Juice



Ohhh I am so tired!  Did a lot today – the water stopped working so I had to get all handy and run around in the pouring rain.  I’ll sleep like a baby. 

A lot of beautiful emotional releases happening. Bountiful singing, dancing and super vivid dreaming LOVE

I really like having only the grape juice.  I am not hungry at all.  Sometimes the smell of cooked foods excites my nose but I am not craving anything at all.  Day 2 of grape juice though so I would LOVE green juice J I’ll have that in 2 days.

Why grape juice?  From what I am studying it is an immense cleanse.  My teacher and good friend attest to its intensity!  It’s said that a grape juice fast is better than a water fast!  The grapes seem to bind to toxins and pull em out.  I love it so far. 

My bowels are still moving even without food and the enemas.  Getting the deep stuff out – YIPEEY! Ha okay I will pass out now!

OHHH PS!  I got stung by jellyfish yesterday.  Ow.  Putting (your own) urine on it, TOTALLY works!  Took the pain away and the rash went away so fast.


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